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As a forum member, there are specific guidelines and rules that must be followed if you are going to be posting here.

1. Be respectful.
This includes no trolling and no flaming. Applying to this as well is the quote "if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all." Whether this is just a game or just the internet, people behind the screen have feelings just like everyone you know in real life. Flaming an admin especially will get you out of here quickly. Be positive.

2. No spamming.
Do no post twice in a row (this applies to posting twice in a row in a conversation or posting the same topic twice). If you have something to add to the conversation but left it out of the first post, just edit it in. If you double post (posting twice in a row), your post will be deleted and warnings may be given. Do not post irrelevant posts that do not contribute to the conversation either. That means stay on topic. Posts containing just one expression like "lol" will be deleted and constant posts of such may result in warnings. Posts typed in all caps or posted with a bunch of symbols/randomly assorted letters will also be removed by admins.

3. Do not post personal information.
If you want to get to know other players better, message them for information and keep it to yourself. Do not post in the forums to publicly ask a player for personal information. We do not condone the posting of players' names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mails, or social network pages.

4. No illegal torrent or warez links.
We do not condone illegal distribution of music, movies, games, programs, or any of the such. If such a post is made, severe punishment may take place. The same punishment applies to the posting of pornography.

5. Use the report button.
If you see a player break one of the forum rules, do not post about them or towards them on the forum, that's just giving them the attention they desire. Use the report button and report their activity to the admins, leave it to them.

6. Only one account.
Players are only allowed one account on our forums. If you forget your password, please go in-game and ask an admin for help.

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